New tales of BDSM and rough sex at True Tales e-zine

The August 2009 issue of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power features recommendations of new gay fiction, nonfiction, and art in the Leathermen section. (And no, we haven't forgotten about the promised Prisoners issue. It's been bumped up to next year.)

david stein, whose Tryout at the Bondage Club has proved to be one of True Tales's most popular stories, is back with a new collection of master/slave stories. We link to his powerful opening story, illustrated by Axel: "Becoming Real."

Jack Fritscher, who has contributed works to True Tales in the past, has won a number of awards for his new book that collects pieces from the legendary Drummer magazine, which he edited in the 1970s. We link to a 1978 article of his (with a new introduction) that is literary edgeplay even by today's standards: "Pissing in the Wind."

Two online authors who have been receiving a good deal of attention in recent months are Maculategiraffe and M. Chandler. By a happy coincidence, both writers have produced side stories in their popular series which focus on sex scenes that are on the rougher side . . . without sacrificing the emotional interactions that their characters are famous for. "The First Rule of Fight Club is . . ." and "Coitus Interruptus" wrap up the August 2009 issue of True Tales.

News: Update on the Galveston County Jail prisoners

Those of you who read my editorial in True Tales this month may be interested in the latest news on the Galveston County Jail prisoners, who were not evacuated during the mandatory evacuation of the island.

Galveston Jail's sheriff paints a rosy picture.

Galveston Jail's architect paints a less rosy picture.

A Galveston judge offers a bit of hope for the future of the prisoners.

"The good Lord took care of those 1,050 inmates."

The cynical (but quite reasonable) comment of various bloggers is, "And thank goodness He did, because the sheriff sure didn't."

True Tales - August 2008 (Issue #11): Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

There must be something seriously wrong with my brain. Here I am, listening to hurricane statistics on danger, damage, and death, and all I can think is, "I wonder whether there's any hurricane erotica out there?"

The September 2008 issue of True Tales is devoted to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. You can read an editorial on the Galveston County prisoners, peruse an essay by Daddy James that was written on the eve of Hurricane Ike, and view bittersweet erotic art by Michel Giliberti.

Plus, hurricane porn.

True Tales editor is seeking information from readers on Ike's effects in your area

It seems to have been a nasty night along the path of Hurricane Ike, but very little information is coming over the lists as to how the GLBT, leather, bear, and pansexual BDSM communities fared. If you belong to one of these communities, I'd be interested in hearing (for the record) your eyewitness reports, which you can e-mail to me. Please be sure to mention any name, title, and club/group affiliation you would like mentioned (or not mentioned, if you prefer to be anonymous) if I quote you.